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Who is Rader?  

Robert E. Lee Rader

For the past 50 years, Robert E. Rader has seen a lot of dreams come true. Some dreams cost more than others, but the excitement of owning and driving a classic car is unequaled in his mind. Cars talk to Rader. And he listens. So do you. Some speak more clearly. Like when the voluptuous Red Ferrari told me her name is, "Lolita, but of course!" And when the Pea Green '34 Ford Pickup said, "I'm Clyde, let's have fun."

Haven't you ever walked by a dusty used-car lot or an overgrown field and heard someone call you from the back? It's a voice that seems like an old friend. "Look at me sitting here unloved. I might look run down at the heels but I was beautiful once and I can be great again with a little help from you."

And we walk over and we look at our old friend, and we talk. Maybe we could only dream in 1955 about the new T-Bird or, with three little kids, couldn't get serious about a used 300SL for $3,900 in 1967. But they talked to us then. They still do. May they never stop.



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