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One of the most difficult aspects of our business is finding really sharp classics. If you have a classic car you're interested in selling, we just might buy it" -or sell it on consignment for you. (one way pays more, the other pays quicker). Fill out the form below and if it meets our criteria we will contact you.
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  Condition: (1) Is a national prizewinner. (2) Excellent local prize winner. (3) A good car. Actually most of the cars at shows are #3. (4) Just a decent driver. (5) Needs a full restoration. May or may not be running. (6) Good only for parts.
  Does it have a coach built body? If it is important for this vehicle (such as a Packard) Does it have a coach built body? If so, whose? Loosen up here, tell us all.
  Custom body? If so please enter comments here:
  Comments: Any more you need to tell us about it's positive and negative points? Like does that otherwise nice 53 Eldorado have narrow whitewalls? Is it beautiful outside but have old license plates under the carpet covering holes in the floor? Does the Stingray have genuine leather when many can get by with vinyl? Let us know.

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