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An Idea Whose Time Has Come. Why Not Buy a Collector Car from a Reputable Dealer?

Let's admit it. The days are gone when you could find a super car up on blocks in a barn. You remember- put a battery in and drive a dirty but solid convertible home.

Now you might find, a three colored 55 DeSoto sedan laying in the back yard. Ma and Pa have been told they don't make them anymore and it ought to be worth $100,000. When you go to see it Pa expects to retire on the deal.When that really unusual find does pop up, it's unusual enough that you can read about it in the newspapers. If old cars are no longer available in the native habitat that leaves: Classified Ads - If it's really a good buy, somebody who lives a lot closer to the car than I do has already scarfed it up. Auctions - You can gamble and buy from an auction. We won't say anything about them. Enough has already been written. We do know one that is consistently honest.If you want to drive a car before you buy it, and if you want to buy it at your ease and without a carnival atmosphere and with a warranty, stop by Raders Relics. If you come to see your car within 30 days of placing a deposit and don't want it, your full deposit will be refunded. On most cars, we also offer a two-year buy-back warranty and immediate trade-in up-grade policy - as long as you keep the car in equal condition.

We accept trades (although it's hard to do sometimes by long distance), and take consignments (we're very choosy), maintaining an inventory of about 10 cars.




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