Raders Relics
Original Water Colors by Dan McCrary


Combining a photo-realist approach to water color technique with a unique and adventurous sense of composition, Dan McCrary applies his vision to a wide variety of automotive subjects. The development of reflection and shine can be played to the maximum on one piece, and then he "shifts into another gear" to depict in amazing detail the rust and pitted chrome of an ageing "derelict".

Dan McCrary's work has been collected and/ or commisioned by a diverse group of individuals and corporations, including MBNA, Charlotte Motor Speedway, and Penske Racing South. He has won numerous awards for excellence in automotive art, and has been published in several nationally periodicals.

For more information, contact:

Dan McCrary
P.O. Box 18795
Charlotte, NC 28218
Call 704-372-2899
Fax 704-375-8686

Email: mccrarydan@aol.com


To see more please check Dan's own site at www.DMcCraryArt.com/



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