"I expect to pass through the world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness I can show to any creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer it, for I shall not pass this way again"--Anon.

From Hemmings Classic Car April 2014.

Excerpts from Jim Richardson's column "All in the Family"

The author reminisces about a neighbor, an old man who drove his 1929 Chevy coupe regularly and the pride the man took in his car.

In the late 50s as a teen Jim says he would have treated the car without the respect it deserved.

"Today there is a lady nearby who has a pea soup green 1950 Ford two-door sedan that she drives wherever she needs to go, and that car looks only a couple of years old too. When I first tried to speak to her, she cut me off with a curt, 'It's not for sale.' But then when she was thoroughly convinced that I was not trying to pry it away from her, she warmed up. She told me she had bought it new, and that she had no reason to sell it because it ran fine, and she had a good mechanic who took care of it for her."

"I must say that I really admire such people for several reasons. First off, they have proven that most old cars will last a lifetime if properly cared for. Secondly, they aren't spending big bucks every few years to buy new and more eco-friendly cars with the delusion that they are somehow helping "the environment." The people who do are not taking into account the costs, pollution, and natural resources required to manufacture the new cars they are buying--ostensibly to further the common good."

" In fact at major car shows I would have a special trophy for individuals who have preserved cars from new and still drive them. The trophy would not be to recognize the car, but the owner."

"Such people have made good use of the earth's resources, and have provided all of us a window into the past. Keep that old car, take care of it and drive it at least now and then so those of us who have not been so frugal and rational can see what you've accomplished. No old car needs to wear out and be junked. For the most part, old cars are neglected to death. Those who don't let that happen deserve special recognition."

I have to give an Amen to Mr. Richardson's Thoughts.


With the loss of Dick Schoppe, Raders Relics is changing it's operating style. We are now open by appointment only. Though you can drop by most mornings and probably catch me here, but if you don't want to gamble please call ahead. I feel a connection with friends and customers who over the years have trusted us with some delightful and fun investorcars. Except for an escape to the mountains, I'll keep on keeping on. - Bob Rader

"Having a bad day at the car show"

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1948 Chrysler Windsor Convertible with just 42,000 actual miles. Probably one of the most original cars we have seen. He has been owned for many years by a gentleman who replaced things as needed with as near to original things that could be found. The paint is original and still show quality. Dash plastic,gauges and controls are like new. Top is canvas as original and only the leather on the seats has been replaced. There has never been any rust or rust repair to this car. It runs and drives just like a new 1948 Chrysler. It's hard to really describe a car this old and this nice. As nice as it is it is not a 100pt. show car. Show Me More! >>>> $39,500
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Raders Relics conversion chart to translate old cars ads language. This is a compendium of a quarter century in the business from personal observations and other publications. In red and black on parchment color, 11X17, suitable for framing to hang in the family room, garage, where ever you like. Samples:
If it says: It really means:
Older restoration Can’t tell it’s been restored
Drive it away I live on top of a hill
Lost storage Neighbors getting up a petition
Uses no oil Just throws it out
And fifty more

Yours for a pittance at just $12.50 each. Add $3.50 for the mailing tube and postage, any quantity. Your check is acceptable to us. We aren’t set up to take credit cards.



Coca Cola cooler, 1950, restored, very good. $950
Murray pedal car, 1950s, actually never used. $1100

Mobile oil dispenser. Circa 1940. Very good original, never restored. Full of bottles. $3500.00

Your check is fine. Sorry no credit cards


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